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  • anxiety
  • stress
  • smoking
  • disturbed sleep
  • migraine
  • behaviour problems
  • compulsive habits
  • phobias and many more

Private Subconscious - mind Healing - P.S.H. - is a truly effective subconscious mind therapy that is becoming the most sought-after form of help for problems that are based in the subconscious mind.

Problems, whether behavioural, mental, emotional or physical can be resolved and healed using P.S.H. With physical and medical causes ruled out, in just a few sessions, Private Subconscious - mind Healing is an effective treatment for stress, anxiety and difficult times.

The 'cause' is a feeling

When a person is unable to change unwanted feelings, responses or behaviours through willpower or conscious effort, it can indicate that these things are a result of negative subconscious emotion.

The conscious, outer mind is usually unaware of these inner conflicts.

While they remain, they have the power to influence us in a negative way.

With P.S.H., restoring a balance of health and happiness is a COMPLETELY PRIVATE matter. The changes are carried out within the privacy of the client’s inner mind and the therapist has no need to know the “inner secrets” in order to help.


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